January 2023

02/01/2023banknifty pe buy (43200)15030010Target37,500/-
03/01/2023banknifty pe buy (43000)29050010Target52,500/-
04/01/2023banknifty pe buy (43400)32042010Target25,000/-
05/01/2023banknifty pe buy (42900)19030010Target27,500/-
06/01/2023banknifty pe buy (43400)850101010Target40,000/-
9/1/2023banknifty ce buy(42500)32045010Target32,500/-
10/1/2023banknifty pe buy (42400)33052010Target47,500/-
11/1/2023banknifty pr buy (42200)16032010Target40,000/-
12/1/2023banknifty pe buy (42400)40052010Target30,000/-
13/1/2023banknifty pe buy(42400)31547010Target38,750/-

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